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Let AI-powered Analytics Help You Close More Business

As Easy to Use as ChatGPT

Ask in natural language

Anybody can ask questions in plain English. And get instant answers from a personal AI Analyst with unlimited patience and capacity

Answers in a range of formats

Users instantly get back various graphics, spanning charts, tables, and text, whatever format makes the most sense

Ask a Variety of Questions Across Diverse Data Sources

Connect to all your data

Quickly connect to data warehouses, databases, visualization tools, spreadsheets, and more

Analyze across your data sets

WisdomAI is architected to analyze across all your data - often the source of the deepest insights -  while respecting each user’s access permissions

Personalized, Continuously Improving Insights

Answers tailored to each user

Your answers are tailored based upon your role, your prospects and customers, and your history of using WisdomAI

Insights that improve from group usage

Receive suggested Answers based upon your colleagues’ histories so that you’re all getting smarter together

Collaborate and Share Across your Team

Easy to share

It’s easy to share insights or Saved Searches with your colleagues to make them smarter, whether sending across teams or up to your CMO

Connected to your productivity apps

WisdomAI works where you are, integrating into core productivity apps such as Slack and Microsoft Teams

Insights at your fingertips with AI-powered analytics

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