Instant Answers from your data

As easy as chatGPT

Simply ask your question and get instant insights back to act upon

Deep context-aware insights

Drill down and analyze across the full variety of your company’s data sets

Proactive discovery

Proactively augments your answers for deeper personalized insights

The AI Platform that Understands your Data

Knowledge Fabric for your data

Maintains and customizes business logic for the organization

Continuous learning

An underlying AI knowledge graph that learns more with more data and more users

Collaborative outcomes

Governed collaborative workspaces pool the expertise of business teams

Secure and Governed AI Insights You Can Trust

Complete data privacy

Always secure, with no company data exposed to external LLM models

Fully governed

Secure workspaces and domains, maintaining your existing data access privileges

Enterprise grade

Robust governance, access control, and compliance

Insights at your fingertips with AI-powered analytics

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